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So what exactly is the HCG Diet Plan, and why are so many millions of people raving about the rapid and long term weight loss effects? Chances are, you’ve come across someone that has used the HCG Diet Plan successfully, and has lost a significant amount of weight in a very short period of time. Perhaps a relative, a coworker, or maybe even that “friend of a friend” you met over the holidays. Well, we are not surprised! Hcg Diet Info has seen millions of success stories over the years, and many of these walking ‘Hcg Diet Success Stories’ continue to keep us posted on how easy it has been to keep the weight off over the years. That’s because the Hcg Diet is more than just a weight loss diet. It is medical hormone therapy, designed to reprogram your metabolism as well as your eating habits. It is a medical weight loss diet that uses Hcg to change the way you lose weight, and set you on the path of longterm health and fitness.

The HCG Diet Plan involves the use of a carefully planned diet of healthy, quality foods for nutrition and tiny amount of the pro-hormone, HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) administered through injections, drops, or pellets. Originally published by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in his Manuscript, Pounds and Inches, the diet initially called for a rigid protocol with little flexibility, lack of exercise recommendations, and a specific list of allowed foods. Times have changed however, and the HCG Diet has evolved into a number of modern protocols. Today’s HCG Diet involves a low calorie diet with an expanded food list, exercise and a strong focus on learning healthy habits for lifelong weight maintenance.


There has been much confusion about how the HCG Diet works but there is a simple explanation: HCG does NOT cause you to lose weight. The carefully planned diet and menu are what results in the weight loss. So what is the point of using HCG on the protocol? Simple: HCG changes HOW your body loses weight. Where most diets result in muscle loss and a stalled metabolism from the body’s diet-induced “starvation mode,” a small amount of the pro-hormone, HCG, keeps this from happening. This allows the dieter to continue losing weight at an impressive rate.


HCG is the pro-hormone that is produced by all individuals, men and women alike. It is produced in large amounts by women during pregnancy and is known for being the catalyst hormone that stimulates the production of other hormones throughout the body. These in turn, effect the body’s metabolism, muscle tissue, digestion, liver functions and much more. It is no secret that hormone function and balance is known to be one of the most common causes of weight challenges, especially severe obesity. HCG’s role in the diet plan, helps the body to balance out these issues, which in turn enables the body to function at an optimal rate of performance.

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