Buena Park Weight Loss Support Group

    The purpose of our meetings is to offer encouragement and hope for individuals struggling with eating issues and body image. Weight-loss support groups are so successful because members can share the trials and tribulations they have faced throughout their lives to help one another move on and lose weight together.

    Peer support holds people accountable for their actions and encourages them to meet their goals when they see others doing well, in spite of facing the same temptations.

    Please consider joining us as we explore together the misconceptions and false information surrounding our attitudes and behaviors with food. Lets learn to believe in ourselves and find peace with food, mind and body.

    Life is not meant to be able to lose weight alone. We were created to experience life with other people, and that’s why at “Optimal Weight Control”, we encourage you to join our support groups and share your story with us.

    This lovely journey with “OPTIMAL WEIGHT CONTROL”, we will gather together once a month in small groups and interact, ask questions and support one another.

    We look forward to have you become a “Optimal Weight Control” member.