OWC Products


Optimal Weight Control Book and Journal

This is a comprehensive, practical and easy to read book regarding food, diets, physical activity, aerobic exercise and behavior modification with life-style changes. New healthy habits are described in detail, followed by a chapter on how to break all unhealthy eating habits. You are encouraged to use the Journal every day.



Appetite suppressants and medications used in weight management for the short and long term treatment of overweight and obesity are available.

We are able to prescribe any FDA approved medications for weight management, including the current and latest drugs such as Qsymia.

Dr. Caceres and his associates have more than 20 years of experience in prescribing the correct and appropriate medication for you.


Supplements & Nutriceuticals

In addition to behavior modification, balanced calorie diet, exercise, dietary supplements and nutriceuticals play an important role in your health and weight control.

Indeed, these products derived from food sources are aimed to provide you with extra health benefits, in addition to the basic nutritional value found in foods.


Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is a natural antioxidant that can stop premature aging and improve weight loss. By drinking Alkaline water, you are maintaining a healthy body pH. Thus reducing fat storage by releasing the acidic waste build-up.

MIC - Combo Injectable


MIC – Combo Injectable formerly known as B12- LIPO COMBO consist of a blend of lipotropic, or “fat attracting” amino acids. These agents enhance liver function by assisting in the metabolism of fat, preventing cholesterol buildup, and removing toxins from the liver. When these lipotropic agents are combined with the B-complex vitamins and the other ingredients found in our MIC Plus formula, they help rid the body of fatty deposits more efficiently and promote increased energy.

HCG Diet Plan

The HCG Diet Plan is designed to support the natural ability of hCG to help your body cleanse itself of excess abnormal fat. Introducing small amounts of natural hCG, available as HCG Diet Shots or as sublingual drops HCG, allows your body to release and absorb this unhealthy build up. HCG Diet Shots can be administered in a clinic or given in the privacy of your own home.

Cleanse & Detox
Safe & Natural Toxin Flush*

Having an unhealthy colon can trigger a host of different health issues, ranging from bloating, weight gain, and lack of energy. Our Cleanse & Detox may refresh, detoxify and eliminate waste clogging your colon which allows your body to maximize absorption of vital nutrients.*

Lipotropic Tablet with B Vitamins & Vitamin C
Also known as “LIPO BC”

✓ Increase metabolism to burn fat

✓ Removes and transport fat out of the body

✓ Prevents abnormal accumulation of fat in the liver

✓ Boosts energy

✓ Detoxifies and improve liver function

✓ Assists in stress management

Natural Appetite Control Capsules
Also known as “DIUCAPS”

✓ Inhibit Appetite

✓ Regulate Mood

✓ Curb cravings and head hunger

✓ Control binge and night time eating

✓ Enhance mental focus

✓ Boots body’s natural cortisone

Rodex Forte (B12, B6 and Folic Acid)
Time-release capsules

✓ Natural, Mild diuretic

✓ Metabolizes fats, carbs, and proteins

✓ Assists in stress management

✓ Help balance hormone

✓ Help moderate symptoms associated with PMS

✓ Energy production

✓ Improves immune response

Vitabese Capsules

✓ Reduce Cravings

✓ Promote Nutritional Balance

✓ 100 % All Natural Ingredients

✓ Assist In Controlling Appetite

✓ Normalizing Carbohydrate Metabolism

✓ Supporting Nutritional Intake