The Importance Of Supporting Detoxification Before Weight Loss

Random fat sampling by the EPA shows that all Americans store fat-soluble toxins from common chemical exposures in their fat. This is a testament to the amount of pollution we face. Some of these, like PCBs, which are proven to elevate in your blood as they are released from fat when you lose weight, can be quite toxic.

Note that the detoxification process works by shifting the focus from metabolizing unhealthy foods towards cellular regeneration and internal cleansing of the body.

Before you go on a diet, you must be able to get toxins out of your system completely as you lose weight, otherwise your fat will simply not release them easily and you will struggle to lose weight past a certain point. However, medical science offers no support for the value of a detoxifying cleanse. Nevertheless, a short pre-diet cleanse might help you get in the proper mindset for success.

Fasting and a body detoxification or “cleanse” might aid dieting by helping the body’s tissues function better, according to the website Every Diet. A cleanse can help remove unhealthy bacteria and yeast in the body, which feed on old food residues if they are not cleared out, according to Natalia Rose, author of Detox for Women, a popular detoxification program. Women are particularly susceptible to yeast, because estrogen helps it breed, she says.

The idea behind any detox diet, according to Every Diet, is that removing toxins from your body will help the lymph, liver and kidneys perform their functions better. Most detox diets are very strict but only last from a few days to 10 days. Fasting or liquid- or raw food-only regimens are part of many diets. Several detox plans, such as The Weight Loss Cure, lead into a longer-term diet program.

Our advice for anyone who wants to do a serious detox diet is to eat clean food before you start detoxing. Eating a clean, unprocessed diet that’s free of refined sugar and flours, excessive caffeine and alcohol will make any detox diet much easier.


Article Source: LIVESTRONG.COM