Escape the confines of your gym and hit the great outdoors for some sun-soaked exercise.

Quality exercise doesn’t necessarily require a gym, specific clothing or lots of heavy equipment. For these five fat-burning, muscle-shaping exercises you won’t have to travel far at all – just out your back door.

If the ground is soft enough you won’t even need an exercise mat. This is a convenient way to get the exercise you need without all the hassle.

Do a set before breakfast and another when you get home from work. Combine this with some long walks or gym workouts on the weekend, and you’ll be doing your body a big favor and looking good in the process.

These exercises work the whole body and will give you a thorough workout.
Just remember to stay hydrated, do a proper warm-up and try not to make your neighbors too jealous about how much money you’re saving on gym fees.

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