Joe A. Caceres, MD, FAHA, FAAC

Dr Caceres is the founder of Caceres Medical Group (CMG) and Buena Park Heart Center (BPHC). He has been a practicing physician in the United States for more than 32 years.

Dr. Caceres is the recipient of the America’s Top Physician Award and America’s Top Cardiologist Award. He has helped hundreds of patients to accomplish weight loss gradually, safely and permanently.

He is dedicated to providing comprehensive medical services of higher standards with a caring attitude and compassionate care for more than 21 years.


Ace Alvarez, NP-C

Ace is a Nurse Practitioner specializing in adults and seniors. He Completed his residency program in Primary Care, Internal Medicine and Cardiology from 2010-2011 at Caceres Medical Group and Buena Park Heart Center.

He achieved his certification from the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners in 2012 and has attended several weight management seminars. As a Nurse Practitioner working in conjunction with Dr. Caceres, founder of Optimal Weight Control in treating obesity comorbid conditions, he is competent to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients with weight management issues.

His role involves pharmacotherapy for weight-loss and medical evaluation for diseases related to obesity and its causative factors.


Cindy Apostol, LVN

Cindy is a Certified Optimal Weight Control Consultant. She have a BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) with studies in nutrition and have successfully completed more than 900 hours nutritional training and education under the guidance of Dr. Caceres.

Cindy is a dedicated healthcare and wellness educator with extensive clinical experience that allows her to help patients successfully achieve their weight loss goals.

Appointment Setter

Otilia Rodriguez

This is Otilia Rodriguez. Her responsibilities with OWC are marketing, setting appointments and making calls to past and new members. Otilia joined our team in 2014.

She has extensive experience on how to introduce the OWC program to new members by phone and refer them to meet with the OWC Consultant. Otilia’s role is to ensure excellent customer service for OWC members.


Denny Ajere

Denny is a Certified Optimal Weight Control Consultant. She completed her education at Hope International University in Fullerton, CA with a B.A. in Marriage and Family Counseling.

She’s been in the field of weight loss for over eight years and she personally lost 150 pounds over 2 years. She has a unique experience with various weight loss programs. Helping others to achieve their optimal weight is her passion.


Prisma Rojas

Prisma Rojas is an Optimal Weight Control Assistant. She joined the team in 2014. She plays recreational sports and likes to stay as active as possible.

Prisma is responsible for answering the phone and scheduling appointments. She works together with the consultants to ensure that the OWC members are receiving the correct weight loss medications and products.